Bet and get terms and conditions


“New User Bet & Get” Promotion


1. Description of Promotion

Welcome to the “New User Bet & Get” promotion (the “Promotion”), in which Underdog Sportsbook eligible participants who sign up for an Underdog Account (as defined below) and meet the Promotion Requirements (as defined below) will receive a bonus in bonus bets available for limited use only on the Underdog Sportsbook app (“Sportsbook Bonus Bets” or “Bonus Funds”) equal to One Hundred Dollars ($100) regardless of whether their First Wager (as defined below) wins or loses.

The Promotion is sponsored by Underdog Sports Wagering, LLC (“Underdog” or the “Sponsor”)  The terms “you” or “your” mean the person to whom a Promotion Bonus (defined below) is issued to upon satisfaction of the terms and conditions set forth in this Promotion.  Redemption of the Promotion is expressly conditioned upon acceptance of and compliance with all of these Promotion “Terms and Conditions”.  Promotion participants may be required to sign paperwork issued by the Sponsor.

BONUS FUNDS ARE NOT EQUIVALENT TO CASH DEPOSITS.  Bonus Funds are subject to paythrough requirements, time limitations, minimum wagering odds, ordering rules, and other limitations detailed in these Terms and Conditions. 

2. Promotion Period

The Promotion will begin at 2:00 PM ET on April 25, 2024 and end at 11:59 PM ET on December 31, 2024 (the “Promotion Period”).

3. Eligibility

In addition to other requirements of these Terms and Conditions, the Promotion is only open to individuals who are (i) at least 21 years of age; (ii) physically present in North Carolina; and (iii) not in any self exclusion program during the Promotion Period. If your social security number is associated with more than one Underdog Account in the Sponsor's database, you may only participate once in this Promotion and earn only one Promotion Bonus (as defined below). Employees, officers and directors of the Sponsor, their parent companies, and each of their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, cable/satellite affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies, retailers, distributors, and each of such employees’, officers’ and directors’ immediate family members and/or those living in the same household (whether legally related or not) of each are not eligible to participate in the Promotion or receive a Promotion Bonus. Additionally, Underdog reserves the right to refuse or otherwise restrict your eligibility to participate in any Promotion for any reason, in our sole discretion, including based on your wagering patterns or wagering history or if you failed to take advantage of any previous promotion in good faith. 

Users who have previously made a real money wager that has not been canceled or voided, or who have already participated in the Promotion, are ineligible.  Participation in the Promotion is exclusive of and makes the user ineligible for other promotions that Underdog may offer at the same time as the Promotion, including or not limited to the Underdog “Mulligan” promotion.

4. Action Required

During the Promotion Period, you must sign up for a new Underdog Account (if you do not already have one), make a first deposit of at least Ten Dollars ($10) (if you have not done so already) and place your first real money wager on any market available on the Underdog Sportsbook of at least Five Dollars ($5) (collectively, the “Promotion Requirements”). If you have previously used your Underdog Sportsbook Account to place any other real money wager, then you are not eligible to participate in this Promotion. Only your first real money wager (“First Wager”) placed will determine whether you have satisfied the Promotion Requirements. A wager that is subsequently canceled or voided will not be deemed a First Wager, and the subsequent real money wager of users whose preceding real money wager is canceled or voided will be treated as the First Wager for purposes of the Promotion, provided that all other eligibility and Promotion Requirements are met. 

5. Claiming Promotion Offer

Upon satisfying the Promotion Requirements, you will receive a bonus in Sportsbook Bonus Bets equal to One Hundred Dollars ($100) (the “Promotion Bonus), regardless of whether your First Wager. The Promotion Bonus will be credited to your Underdog Account as Bonus Funds within Seventy-Two (72) hours of your satisfaction of the Promotion Requirements.  Promotion Bonus recipients will be solely responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes, and for any other fees or costs associated with the Promotion Bonus received, regardless of whether the Promotion Bonus, in whole or in part, is used.  The Promotion Bonus value may be reported for tax purposes as required by law.

6. Registration Procedures

To qualify for the Promotion, eligible individuals must have an active Underdog Sportsbook Account (“Underdog Account”). Underdog will verify each individual’s identity as part of the registration process. Creating an Underdog Account is free. By submitting your information and creating an Underdog Account, however, participants will be required to agree to the Underdog's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to Underdog’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you cannot create an Underdog Account or participate in this Promotion.

7. Limitations on Participation

In addition to the Promotion Requirements above, Underdog reserves the right to refuse or otherwise restrict your eligibility to participate in any promotion, including this Promotion, for any reason, in its sole discretion, based on your wagering patterns or wagering history or if you failed to take advantage of any previous promotion in good faith, among other things. This Promotion is void where prohibited by law. One (1) Promotion Bonus per participant. If you have already participated in the Mulligan Welcome Offer, you are not eligible for this Promotion. 

8. Wagering Requirements

See Section 4. Any wager placed after the expiration of the Promotion Period will not be deemed to satisfy the Promotion Requirements. Wagers placed using site credits or any bonus received from a separate Sponsor promotion will not be deemed to satisfy the Promotion Requirements. 

9. Order of Funds Used for Wagering

Bonus Funds are used before deposited funds when wagering. A wager cannot be funded using two bonuses simultaneously. A wager will be funded by your Bonus Funds that expire soonest unless the stake is greater than that bonus. In this case, the bonus with the highest value will be used to fund the wager.

10. Bonus Funds’ Staking Restrictions

Bonus Funds must be wagered at minimum odds of -200. For example, wagering bonus funds at -300 is not permitted.

11. Bonus Funds’ Expiration

Unless otherwise stated, any unused Bonus Funds will be withdrawn from your Underdog Account Fourteen (14) days after being credited.

12. Restrictions on Withdrawal

Bonus Funds are non-withdrawable. Bonus Funds must be wagered x1 before withdrawal. The Promotion Bonus is not transferable and cannot be substituted except in the Sponsor’s sole discretion. Any unused portion of the Promotion Bonus or Bonus Funds will be automatically withdrawn from your Underdog Account Fourteen (14) days after being credited.

13. Cancellation

Should you wish to cancel your participation in this Promotion at any time, please contact customer support at Upon cancellation, you may withdraw any funds you have deposited into your account without restriction. However, any bonus amount(s) in your Underdog Account are non-withdrawable.

14. Gambling Problem

Must be 21+ and present in a state where Underdog Sports Wagering, LLC operates. Terms apply. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER or visit NC: Call 877-718-5543 or visit

Underdog offers the options to set responsible limits. If, at any point, you think you are depositing too much money, placing too many wagers, or spending too much on sports wagering, you have the option of setting responsible gaming limits. Setting responsible gaming limits allows you to still play, however, within the parameters that you set for yourself. Underdog also provides customers the ability to self-exclude directly from the product. Underdog offers exclusion periods of one (1) year, three (3) years, five (5) years, and ten (10) years. You may also terminate your Underdog Account at any time. If you require assistance, please contact our Customer Support Department by emailing

15. Additional Terms

Other Governing Terms: Nothing herein replaces, amends, or alters the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy governing participation in the Underdog Sportsbook and use of the Underdog Sportsbook app and sites. 

Administration: The Sponsor expressly reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate this Promotion at any time without prior notice or consent. Administration of this Promotion is at the sole discretion of the Sponsor. Sponsor reserves the right to restrict at any time any Underdog Account holder from participating in this Promotion for any reason. Any questions relating to eligibility, these Terms and Conditions or any other questions concerning this Promotion will be resolved at the sole discretion of the Sponsor and its decisions will be final and binding with respect thereto. No groups, clubs, corporations, companies, partnerships, or organizations may participate in this Promotion or reproduce or distribute any portion of these Terms and Conditions to their members.

Release and Waiver of Liability: By redeeming this Promotion, participants agree to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Sponsor, its affiliates, gaming license partners, advertising and promotion agencies, directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents from and against any and all liability, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever (however named or described) for injuries, death, damages or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with: (i) your participation in the Promotion; and (ii) the receipt, use or misuse of the Promotion Bonus, or while preparing for, participating in, and/or traveling to any Promotion-related activity, including those damages caused by the Sponsor’s own negligence. The Sponsor expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for injury or loss to any person or property relating to the delivery and/or subsequent use or misuse of the Promotion Bonus. In consideration of the Promotion Bonus, each individual hereby agrees and consents, without further authorization, compensation or remuneration of any kind, to the use of such individual’s name, photograph, likeness (including his/her voice), biographical information and statements concerning the Promotion, in any and all advertising, promotions and other publicity conducted by the Sponsor and its affiliates.

Governing Law: The parties agree that these Terms and Conditions and the rights of the parties regarding the Services and the relationship of the parties shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina, which shall apply without regard to principles of conflicts of law.

Dispute Resolution:

You agree that any claim or dispute that has arisen or may arise relating in any way to or arising out of the Promotion, or these Terms and Conditions will be resolved in accordance with the dispute resolution provisions set forth in the “Binding arbitration agreement and class action waiver agreement” Section of the Underdog Terms of Use. This Section of the Underdog Terms of Use requires you to resolve disputes by binding arbitration and you agree to waive the ability to bring claims in a class action format.




No waiver of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed or shall constitute a waiver of any other provisions hereof, nor shall waiver constitute a continuing waiver unless otherwise expressly provided. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be severed from the remainder of these Terms and Conditions, which will otherwise remain in full force and effect.